Rosenberg farm is the perfect place to spend your vacation if you want to walk the trails in the forest and enjoy the peacefulness, just surrounded by the sound of the birds.

Enjoy the closeness of the nature

In the forest it is possible to take long walks on small animal paths, along the creek, and maybe get a chance to see the beaver, or at least his hut. Hike at the old church trail. Enjoy the beavers dam in the creek and try a brake at Rebeccas well.

There are hiking and bicycle trails  nearby. When in season you are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms. If you like outdoor cocking you may also use our Muurika.

There are  games for the garden available, such as Badminton, Crocket and Dart. You may also borrow our bikes.

Winter season at Rosenberg farm

In the winter time it is also nice to spend the vacation at Rosenberg. There are great cross skiing tracks in the area and also long plowed tracks for iceskating both around the islands of Lake Malaren and by the lake Långforsen in Sala. If you like downhill skiing it is also available from 30 minutes away, to a larger ski area 1,5 hours away.  You can find nice in door adventure swiming halls  both in Sala and Enköping. In Västerås you have one of Europes largest adventur baths.












End the day in the warm bubbling Jacuzzi and maybe a nice evening in front of the fireplace.

Pergolan leder in till lilla stugan som du kan hyra veckovis eller per natt

What more is there to do?

Sala Silvermine is for both adults and children.
Adventure in the silver mine

Sala Silver Mine is a popular destination filled with history and beautiful surroundings With a 500-year old history, miles of underground tunnels and a scenic, beautiful and large mining area above ground Sala Silvermine has a lot to offer you as a visitor Activities for children and adults are arranged during the holiday.


Sala Silvermine

Silvermine´s antique shop

In the nearby area of Sala Silvermine you can visit the large antique shop with old furniture. Here you can find knickknacks, silverware, art, among other things.


Silvermine´s antique shop

Indoor swimming

Sala has indoor swimming pools and some water adventures during the winter. In Västerås you can find Swedens largest water adventure “Kokpunkten”.


Familjebadet Lärkan – indoor swimming


Outdoor swimming

There are several lakes around Sala; Stävrebadet, Måns Ols and Silvköparen etc.

Hiking by the Dragmansbo lake.

In the nearby area you can take long walks in the woods and surroundings. Here you can find something for everyone. We have listed some of the most popular below. Outdoor Vagabond also offers guided tours.



Gamla gruvvägen

Gröna gången


Guided tours

Meet the king of the forest in an exiting safari with Wild Sweden.
Wolves, Moose and Beaver safari

Wild Sweden can offer safaris in the forests of central Sweden. Enjoy the nature by the water. You have the opportunity to rent canoes near by.


Wild Sweden

At Gårdsjö Moose Park you get really close to the Moose, and you get to meet the Moose man himself.
Moose safari

At Gårdsjö Moose Park you get really close to the Moose, and you get to meet the Moose man himself. You will be taken to the moose fence by tractor and wagon. You may even be able to touch and get touched.


Gårdsjö Älgpark


Join a guided tour on the waterways of Sala. On this exceptional tour you will experience the spectacular wilderness of Sala as well as the towns fascinating history with its ancient silver production.


Outdoor Vagabond

Måns Ols

The Måns Ols area has a sand beach by the lake. Also rental of canoes. Nearby the water there also is a nice restaurant.


Måns Ols utvärdshus


In the area around Sala there are a few good fishing waters. There are also beautiful lakes for swimming.


Fishing lakes in Sala


In Sala you can play padel.


Sala Padel Arena

Nature Reserve

Svartådalen is beautiful in the region of Västmanland. Here you will find one of Europes riches nature environment. Svartån (the black river) flows through the landscape. Hälleskogsbrännan is a part of the area affected by the great forest fires in the summer of 2014. Now the area is a nature reserve where you can learn about the forest fire.






Sala Golfklubb is a golf course with 18 + 9 holes in a fantastic surrounding.


Sala Golfklubb


Aguélimuseet has the largest collection of the famous artist Ivan Aguéli’s paintings. This is a great opportunity to learn more about his art.



Destination Sala

In the tourist information you will find more information about Sala and it’s surroundings.


Destination Sala

Passa på att ta en fikapaus i under svampplockningen skogen.
Västmanland Turism

Västmanland Turism collects information of what to do from the rest of the region.


Västmanland Turism

Muurikka finns att låna för utomhusmatlagning
Visit Västmanland

Visit Västmanland has collected inspirations and tips on what you can do in the region.


Visit Västmanland

Enjoy the pool

We have a large pool area surrounded by green vegetation. The spacey sun deck, has furniture and sun beds for your relaxation. The pool is open during the summer season or more depending on the weather.

Rosenberg farm & cottages - pool in greenery
Heated bubbling SPA bath

Enjoy a heated spa bath

When the pool is closed you can rent the hot tub. How about a nice relaxing moment under the sky in a warm bubble bath, with families and friend’s End the evening by the fire in the large cottage.